Holding the Cruise Line Responsible for Your Injuries–Part III; Being Safe and Preventing Accidents

The two prior articles on “Holding the Cruise Line Responsible” discussed things to do after the accident.  This article discusses some commonsense ways of avoiding accidents on a cruise.

Here are some simple, precautionary steps:

*Remember that you are on a moving structure. There is a reason for handrails in the hallways.  Use them.  You should not restrict yourself to your room if the ship rocks.  Just be careful during rough seas.

*Be aware that many door openings will have raised sills. This is common for bathrooms.  Be aware of this so as to avoid tripping.

*Wet decks can be slippery. Some decks are more slippery than others.  Most decks are made of a matte finished wood which is not very slippery.  However, I was once on a cruise with a polished teak deck which was very slippery when wet.  A few middle aged men decided to play basketball with the foreseeable consequences of strains, sprains, and one player with a fractured arm.

*Hold-on when getting on or off a tender and when doing down the gangplank. The gangplank and tender will be rocking.

*Do not drink to excess. Many people drink excessively on vacation.  Cruise lines tend to encourage drinking.  Intoxication can either be the cause or contributing factor to a fall.

*Do not engage in physical activity that you are not accustomed to. I was on a cruise where there was a basketball hoop.  A good number of middle aged men decided to relive their youth on the basketball court.  Quite a few reported to the ship’s physician, including one gentleman who broke his arm.

Bon voyage!


One Response to Holding the Cruise Line Responsible for Your Injuries–Part III; Being Safe and Preventing Accidents

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