Getting a Recovery for a Medical Malpractice in Plastic Surgery; Being Prepared for Cosmetic Surgery

Here are some things to consider before undergoing cosmetic surgery:

  1. Carefully consider whether you should have cosmetic surgery.  Many patients have unrealistic expectations.  You have to consider what you want and what can be acheived by surgery.  A face lift will not solve all of your problems.  Some patients have significant psychological issues which should be examined and resolved before surgery.  Brazil’s leading plastic surgeon recently stated in an interview in W  that he will not operate unless all of the psychological issues are resolved.  He is proud that he has had some celebrated patients take the time to think through the issues and eventually decline the surgery.
  2. Look for a Board Certified Surgeon from the American Society of Plastic Surgery.  This group certifies surgeons who have had had at least six years of specialist training, several examinations,  presentation of multiple case studies, and continued assessments by peers.  See  This group represents the elite of plastic surgeons and numbers only 6,700 members.  Other doctors may be board certified in other areas, and they may be as experienced and excellent.  For example, many plastic surgeons are board certified in ear, nose, and throat. 
  3. Make sure that the facility where you will have the surgery is accredited.  Many plastic surgeries are done outside of a hospital.  Many plastic surgeons use either amublatory surgery centers or operating rooms within their own office.  See if a non-hospital facility is accredited through the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Factilities.
  4. Get recommendations from friends.  Generally, a referral from a satisified family member or friend is an excellent recommendation.   
  5. Get a full pre-operative work-up to see if you have other health issues which can present complications.  Last year Kanye West’s mother died after cosmetic surgery.  Her death was likely caused by complications connected with a heart problem.  Of course, be truthful with your surgeon in the pre-operative stages, and do not conceal any health conditions or medications taken. 

In the event of an unsuccessful plastic surgery you can feel free to call us to discuss your problem at 800-581-1434.

Mark E. Seitelman, 8/1/08,


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