Getting a Recovery for a Coney Island Accident; Astroland Amusement Park Closes; Accident Claims Must Be Brought NOW

Astroland amusement park at Coney Island is closing this coming Sunday.  It appears that Astroland could not reach a deal with the landlord.

Astroland Amusement Park by wallyg.

This is a sad passing of the “old” Coney Island of thrill rides and amusements.  It joins the graveyard of other Coney Island amusement parks of old, such as Luna Park and Steeplecase Park.  Unfortunately, 350 people will be out of work.

Through the years we have had a couple of accident cases which occurred at Astroland.  In the event that you have had a recent accident at Astroland, we urge that your review it immediately with an attorney.  If you have a valid case, then a claim and lawsuit should be brought immediately because the owners of Astroland will be liquidating the company.  In other words, the corporate entity of Astroland will no longer exist, therefore, the time to sue is now

If a lawsuit is brought after Astroland is liquidated it may be too late.  The owners have started to sell-off the various rides.

We had a similar situation with the Empire Roller Rink which has gone out of business after many years.  We had a client who had a serious fracture shortly before its closure, and we were able to bring suit while it was still in existence.  Luckily, the client and our office moved quickly.

It is also important to act quickly so that investigation can be done before Astroland is dismantled.

If you have an Astroland claim or other amusement park case, please feel free to call us at 800-581-1434.

Mark E. Seitelman, 9/8/08,

An Update:  The City is trying to keep Astroland open and is in negotiations with the owner and landlord.  Nonetheless, we recommend that anyone with an Astroland accident talk to an attorney immediately.

Mark E. Seitelman, 9/9/08,


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