Death of Another Construction Worker

Another construction worker fell to his death on September 11th in Morningside Heights.  See Daily News Story here.

The body of Miguel Rodriguez was covered with a sheet after he died in a scaffolding collapse at a Morningside Heights construction site on Thursday. The site's boss is facing criminal charges.

This has been a record year for construction deaths.  There has been twenty one.

It appears that a foreman was not present in violation of the rules.  The alleged “foreman”, a man of only two days experience, and the company owner were arraigned in Criminal Court.

The deceased worker leaves behind a wife and two children.   At least they will be provided for in the future under Labor Law 240 which holds the property owner liable for this accident.

Anyway, we must ask how many more deaths will occur before the City Department of Buildings gets its act together?

Mark E. Seitelman, 9/13/08,


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