Children + Matches = Deadly Fires

We had written in a prior post about a family who died in a fire.  Their smoke detector was disabled.

Upon further investigation it appears that the Saturday night fire in a Chelsea housing project may have been started by one of the children who was playing with matches.  See NY Daily News story here.

The two parents and three daughters perished.  The son survived but is in critical condition.  Our prayers are with him.

On reflecting on this catastrophe, it is worth repeating that matches and children are a deadly combination.

Keep you and your children safe from fire with some of the following safety tips:

  • Keep matches and lighters in a childproof drawer in the kitchen. 
  • Children tend to mimic their parents.  If they see you use matches to smoke or light candles, they will do so.  Therefore, it is important to keep matches out of reach.  If you smoke, do not be careless about leaving matches or lighters around the house.
  • Teach your children that fire is dangerous whether it be from the stove, religious candles, or a cigarette lighter.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a fire, please feel free to call me at 800-244-9313.

Mark E. Seitelman, 10/15/08,

Post Update:  Sadly, the sole surviving child, the young man, was taken-off life support.  The entire family perished.  May they rest in peace.

M.E.S., 10/17/08,


2 Responses to Children + Matches = Deadly Fires

  1. James says:

    All too often smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are not functioning correctly, and cause an unecessarily high number of deaths. FireAngel aim to reduce this number, by manufacturing smoke alarms and co alarms with extra long battery life, notification when battery becomes low, plus a number of other new features.

    Visit the Fire Angel blog for tips and advice on fire safety and carbon monoxide safety –

  2. Thank you, James.

    The FDNY recommends that when we set the clocks forward and back (i.e., twice a year) a test check of one’s alarms should be made. Often batteries must be changed.

    An alarm without a charged battery is the equivalent of no alarm.

    I recommend that when shopping for an alarm get one that may be a little more expensive than the rest as long as it has good features and will last longer.

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