Beging Prepared and Getting a Recovery for Your Auto Accident–Part I; Buying OBEL Coverage

When you buy or renew your automobile insurance policy ask for Optional Basic Economic Loss coverage which is also known as OBEL.

OBEL provides you greater coverage than the mandated $50,000 coverage for Mandatory Personal Injury Protection or PIP or No Fault.

The $50,000 PIP coverage covers medical and lost income.  For a few dollars more you can enlarge your PIP coverage through OBEL.  For example, I reviewed a client’s policy today.  He purchased OBEL coverage of $25,000 for a mere $9.  He now has a total of $75,000 to cover his medical and lost income in the event of a very serious injury.

You can also purchase OBEL for higher amounts, such as $50,000.  That would bring your total PIP coverage to $100,000.  It is a worthwhile expenditure.  For a few dollars more you can provide your family, friends, and yourself  added protection.

If you have been involved in an automobile accident please call me at  800-581-1434 to discuss your case.

Mark E. Seitelman, 12/17/08,


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