Getting a Recovery for a Snow & Ice Automobile Accident

Ice-covered road in Oklahoma

New York has gone through the first major snow as well as first sub-freezing days of the winter.   The roads in New York City and the suburbs are very icy.

If you have been involved in a snow related auto accident, please feel free to call me at 800-851-1434.

Motorist must be careful when travelling on icy roads.   An automobile operator must be careful in view of the hazardous road conditions.

A driver must drive cautiously when

  • approaching a stop sign–he must break in time and judge distances;
  • approaching a red light–again, he must break in time;
  • travelling in a busy street with pedestrians–people still tend to “dart-out” into traffic; and
  • negotiating turns so as to prevent a skid or spin-out.

Generally, the vehicle owner will be held to a high standard of care.  A driver cannot blame a collision on the ice.  The operator is required to drive carefully in view of the dangerous road conditions.

You should feel free to call us at 800-851-1434 if you have been involved in an automobile accident.

Mark E. Seitelman, 12/22/08,


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