Getting a Recovery from Amusement Park and Vacation Accidents; The Fatal Monorail Crash in Disney World

Unforeseen Accidents can happen while on vacation at a famous destination known for safety and efficiency.

Yesterday two monorail trains crashed into each other at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  A conductor on one of the trains was killed, and the other conductor was injured.     

If you have been involved in an accident while on vacation either in another state or out of the country, it is essential to hire an attorney as soon as possible.   You should go to an attorney in your locality.  For example, a New Yorker should go to a New York attorney.  Your New York attorney will determine whether it is necessary to hire an out of state attorney.

We recommend that you go to a local attorney for the following reasons:

  • Your local attorney will determine whether or not you can sue in a New York court.  For example, if the defendant does business in New York, you can sue in New York.  The Walt Disney Companies do business in New York and can be sued in New York.  Generally, it is more favorable to sue in your locality, i.e., New York, than sue in defendant’s home town.  Therefore, it may not be to the client’s advantage to go straight to an Orlando attorney.
  • If suit cannot be brought in New York, then your New York attorney can locate an attorney in the other state or foreign country.  Your local attorney will be able to locate an attorney who is qualified and reputable.  For example, we are members of the American Association for Justice (, and we have located excellent attorneys through its network.  We have used the AAJ network to find attorneys in Washington, Minnesota, Virginia, and South Carolina. 
  • Your New York attorney can act as your spokesman and ombudsman on your behalf with your out of state attorney.  

As we have discussed in prior posts, it is essential to hire an attorney as soon as possible so that investigation can completed early.  Early investigation is a key to a successful recovery.

If you have been involved in an accident while on vacation, please feel free to call me for a free consultation at 800-851-1434 or write to us at

Mark E. Seitelman, 7/6/09,


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