Obamacare and Medical Malpractice; Rights of Injured Patients Are Safe for Now


It appears for now that the rights of injured patients are safe under the proposed healthcare reform.  A majority of 60-39 in the Senate voted to pass the legislation.  It appears that the bill is clear of limitations of injured patients’ rights in medical malpractice claims.

Medical malpractice “reform” may still be brought-up in the Conference Committee between the Senate and House.  In other words, it is not over yet.  It is also unclear whether in the final analysis  a comprehensive health bill will pass.

In the event that some form of medical malpractice reform passes, injured persons and their families should consult with an attorney immediately  in the event that they suspect that they have been the victims of medical negligence.  If a “reform” is passed, this could affect future lawsuits. 

Mark E. Seitelman, 12/28/09, www.seitelman.com.


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