Getting a Recovery for Your Child’s Injuries at Tourist, Amusement, Historical, and Recreational Sites

Over the weekend a 2 year old girl fell-off a ship into the East River at the South Street Seaport.  She slipped through a railing on the gangplank and fell 20 feet.  Fortunately, neither she nor her father (who jumped-in to save her) were injured.  

Witnesses watched in awe as the man, identified as David Anderson, rescued the tot. CLICK ABOVE FOR MORE SHOCKING PHOTOS.     In this case there may have been an unreasonably large gap in the side grill on the gangplank which allowed the infant to slip through.

Children can get injured visiting tourist and recreational attractions, such as amusement parks, museums, historical sites, and parks.  Of course, parents have the primary responsibility of watching their children.  However, in some instances, the owner of site may be liable for negligence.

The owner and operator of the site must have

  • adequate fencing to prevent falls from heights;
  • safe fencing and guard rails to prevent a child from straying into a dangerous area, such as a mechanical room;
  • properly maintained walkways, ramps, and stairs so as to prevent trips and falls; and
  • personnel to supervise the crowds.

If you or your child have been injured in an accident at a tourist or recreational site, please feel free to contact me at 800-581-1434 for a free consultation or write to me at

Mark E. Seitelman, 4/5/10,


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