Getting a Recovery for Injuries to Your Child in an Unsafe Playground

Unsafe “climbing domes” have been installed in the new Brooklyn Bridge Park.  

During yesterday’s record temperatures of 90 degrees, children have been burned climbing these steel domes.  In an effort to keep them cooler, park employees have installed temporary tents over the domes.

Also, a child broke her nose and fractured a tooth.  See New York Daily News story here.

Kira Foley, 5, broke her nose and lost a tooth while playing on metal domes at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

The owner of the park can be held liable for a dangerous playground.  Although the new park is beautiful, it appears that the designer created the domes without regard to children safety. 

It is interesting to note that although this is a “City” park, it is operated by a non-profit organization, the Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation.  This group is probably responsible for the design choices.

In past playground cases we have employed a recreation expert to show that the playground equipment was unduly dangerous.

As with all accident cases, early  investigation is necessary.

If your child has been injured in a playground please feel free to contact me for a free consultation at 800-581-1434 or write to me at

Mark E. Seitelman, 4/8/10,


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