Seitelman to Chair New York State Trial Lawyers Association Education Program

In June I shall be chairing a Continuing Legal Education program for the New York State Trial Lawyers entitled “The Challenges of Business–Growing Your Law Firm.”

This course will discuss the business challenges faced by personal injury law firms.  Our emphasis is on growing the business side.

Topics will include:

  • Cutting-Back, Re-Trenching, and Re-Grouping; Don’t Let a diminished Economy Put You Out of Business
  • Maintaining and Growing a Second Generation Law Firm
  • Branching-Out into Other Areas of Law Practice in View of a Changing Personal Injury Scene (e.g., 1983 Cases, Discrimination, Predatory Lending, Insurance)
  • Panel Discussion on Fall-Back Practices and Businesses (e.g., Lending)
  • Thinking outside the Box;  Learning Lessons from the Business Press
  • Marketing on the Internet;  Creation of Websites, Search Engine Optimization, Google Ad Words, Etc.
  • Other Forms of Marketing (Newsletters, Blogs, etc.)

Our outstanding faculty will include:

  • Charles M. Hymowitz, Esq., is a single practitioner in Brooklyn, and he will discuss re-trenching and re-grouping.
  • Jonathan Koles, Esq., is the senior partner of Koles, Burke & Bustillo in Jersey City, New Jersey.  He is the current president of the New Jersey American Association of Justice, the trial lawyers association of  New Jersey.  Jon will discuss going into other areas of law in view of a changing personal injury scene.
  • Kenneth S. Litman, Esq., is a partner of Litman & Litman.  He and his brother, Jeffrey Litman, are partners of Litman & Litman, a very active firm started by their father Eugene.  Ken will talk about the challenges and opportunities of a second generation law firm.
  • Breck Armstrong is the owner Propel-ant, an independent internet marketing firm.  He will discuss marketing on the internet.
  • Anthony Loscalzo is with FindLaw, an internet marketing subsidiary of Thomson West Publishing.  He will also discuss marketing on the internet.
  • I will talk on lessons to be learned from the general business press.

This 6 credit course will be given at the Association on the evenings of June 3rd and 10th.  DVD’s and CD’s are also available.   Details can be found here.

If you have any questions on this program, please feel free to contact me at 800-581-1434.

Mark E. Seitelman,  5/27/10,


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