Lawyers, Beware of New Scam!

scam_artist.jpg Scammer image by willyap

Last week The New York Law Journal reported on the latest scam to hit attorneys.

We have discussed another very dangerous scheme directed at lawyers  in our prior posts, Parts I, II, and III.    Fortunately, this newly reported scam is relatively benign. 

Here is how it goes:

Lawyer Jones receives a call from a “Jimmy”.  Jimmy says that he found a large file belonging to the lawyer on the 5 subway.   Jimmy says that he is at the Yankee Stadium stop and that he wanted to turn-in the file to the station agent, but the token booth clerk would not accept it.

Jimmy offers to bring the file to Lawyer Jones at Jones’s office in midtown Manhattan.  However, Jimmy is visiting from out-of-town, and he does not know his way around New York City.  Jimmy asks that Jones reimburse the round trip cab fare.  Lawyer Jones agrees readily.

Jimmy appears at Jones’s office an hour later and has a large redweld file with Jones’s name and address.  Jimmy says that the roundtrip cab fare from Bronx is $80, and Attorney Jones tips Jimmy an extra $20 as a reward.  Jones pays a total of $100.   Jones is greatly relieved that this file has been discovered by this good Samaritan!

Jimmy quickly leaves.  Jones opens the envelope, and there is nothing but old newspapers inside.  Gotcha!

The lesson:  check the file before paying Jimmy!

Mark E. Seitelman, 6/11/10,


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