Getting a Recovery for Injuries from a Escalator; The Macy’s Wooden Escalator

Over the weekend a young child lost a finger in the wooden escalator at Macy’s Herald Square Store in New York City.  The child was rushed to Bellevue where surgeons reattached the pinky.  See news story here

This wooden escalator has extra wide grooves, and a person who  trips can get his finger or toe amputated where the grooves of the steps meet the comb/interface of the landing.  These grooves are much wider than the ones which are usually found on more modern escalators where the steps are made of metal.

 Macy*s wooden escalator New York City

The Macy’s escalator is a historic relic which is well known to devotees of old, working escalators and elevators.  However, from the viewpoint of safety, it is a hazard and against modern safety standards.

In order to prove a case against Macy’s, the injured person would have to show that the escalator was defective.  This can be proved by an engineer.  An engineer may opine that a better, safer alternative design was available and could have prevented the amputation.  Such design is currently used in modern escalators in which the grooves are too small for a toe or finger to get lodged.

If you or your children have been injured in an escalator accident, please feel free to call me at 800-581-1434 or write to  for a free consultation.

Mark E. Seiteman, 7/6/10,


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