Bye, Bye, Borders

In this post we depart from personal injury law to comment on the death of a neighboring business.

The Borders Books store at 100 Broadway is closing.

The store at 100 Broadway is across the street from our office.  It was very convenient to have a first class bookstore as a neighbor.

The 100 Broadway store is the successor to the Borders store at the World Trade Center which was destroyed.  When Borders re-opened at 100 Broadway there was rejoicing.  It was the first major retailer to open downtown after September 11th.  Borders helped create a “gold rush” of retailers on Wall Street, such as Tiffany, Hermes, Pink’s, and BMW Motors.

This will be a loss to the neighborhood.  It is the most attractive book store in the City.

The 100 Broadway store is reminiscent of the Scribner’s Book Store on Fifth Avenue with its high ceiling and layout similar to a Gothic church.  The Borders store was orignially a grand bank space, and Borders took advantage of the high ceiling to make it the most beautiful bookstore in New York City.  I could not locate a picture of the 100 Broadway interior, but below is a picture of Scribner’s.

Unfortunately, the Scribner’s space, although preserved as a landmark, is no longer a bookstore.  It is a cosmetics store.  I guess the book business does not pay much anymore.

Although a business is not a flesh and blood person, a business represents the dreams, livelihood, personality, and pulse of a community.  Its death should not go unnoticed and unmourned. 

What will be in store for the 100 Broadway space?  It is sad to see a wonderful bookstore fall on hard times.

Mark E. Seitelman, 2/22/11,


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