Attorneys, Beware of New Internet Swindle!

There is yet another internet fraud making the rounds. 

This con game is directed to attorneys.

An attorney receives the following, unsolicited e-mail:

I am sending a client on a commercial litigation matter.

Please advise of your availability, and I shall have the client contact you directly. 

I shall be on vacation from July 21st to August 8th, but I shall be checking my e-mails occasionally.

Please let me know as soon as possible.

James P. Adams, Attorney at Law 

On its face this appears to be a lawyer to lawyer referral. 

In other email frauds, there is a direct appeal for legal aid from a client.  However, the above e-mail may appear more legitimate since it is coming from “an attorney.” 

Of course, there is no attorney and no actual client.  There are only a couple of internet crooks sitting around a computer.  Thousands upon thousands of these emails are sent with the hope of hooking only a few suckers.  If only a handful of “marks” answer and get trapped into the con game, the crooks will make enough money to stay in business.

Again, we advise attorneys to be wary of unsolicited clients and cases sent through e-mail.  If an attorney solicits your business check that the attorney is licensed.

Mark E. Seitelman, 7/21/11,


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