Getting a Recovery from Falling Tree Branches and New York City

The New York Times this week had a remarkable series of articles on serious injuries from falling tree branches.  These trees were either located in New York City parks or located on city streets.  See part Ipart II, and part III.

We had discussed this problem previously in various posts, such as here and here.

The Times focused on very serious injuries and instances where the City failed to maintain its trees. 

Essentially, New York has doubled the time schedule of pruning its park trees from once every 7 years to once every 15 years.  Also, the Parks Department has no real preventative maintainance program.  Apparently, it reacts only to a problem after a tree branch or the entire tree falls.  It does little to nothing to prevent an accident.  Last, it appears that parks personnel are not trained in tree health, and they are unable to see a problem before an accident.

We applaud The Times for shining a light on this topic. 

Mark E. Seitelman, 5/17/12,


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