West Point Cadets Help Clear Jewish Cemetery

May 29, 2012

The Huffington Post reports that Jewish West Point cadets helped clean one of the cemeteries of the Hebrew Free Burial Association as part of a community outreach program of their Hillel group.   See “Jewish Soldiers Perform Selfless Acts of Kindness”.

The cadets worked in the Silver Lake Cemetery in Staten Island, New York. The Silver Lake Cemetery is the oldest cemetery of Hebrew Free Burial, and it is full.  The cemetery has become overgrown and requires periodic clearing and clean-up of dead and fallen trees.  Hebrew Free Burial has another cemetery in Richmond County which is still accepting burials.

Grave Marker of Beckie Reines, a victim of the Triangle Factory Fire.

Hebrew Free Burial provides a free and proper Jewish burial to the forgetten, the poor, the elderly, the homeless, and the sick.  It buried numerous victims of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire.  Their families could not afford a proper burial, and Hebrew Free Burial stepped-in.

We commend the cadets for helping those who cannot say thanks.

Minna S. Monte      Our office manager, Minna Monte Seitelman, is proud to be the treasurer of this fine charity.


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